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Case Study

A fitting result: How a new type of status update helped Terrence Higgins Trust to promote condom use


As part of the “It Starts With Me” campaign and to tie in with Condom Week, THT wanted to promote a safe sex message and raise awareness of the wide range of condom options.

We worked with them to turn their existing condom quiz into an interactive Facebook status update, inviting users to answer questions about fit, feeling and allergies, then displaying condom recommendations based on their responses.

The opening frame of THT's Newsfeed SmartApp

The opening frame of THT's Newsfeed SmartApp

Example question

Example question

Example response

Example response

So what exactly is an interactive status update?

Our development partners are the brains behind Newsfeed SmartApps, a new way for brands to post interactive status updates that appear in (and work straight from) the user's Facebook newsfeed.

These updates look like video, but they're not just one way pieces of communication. When the user clicks the play button they can interact with content, answer questions and even play games.

Basically, a Newsfeed App allows you to turn a status update into a mini website enabling brands to do some really clever marketing. For example users can sign up for whatever is on offer, letting brands capture customer data straight from the post.


The condom quiz Newsfeed App was posted on THT's main Facebook page and on two campaign specific pages targeting different audiences.

There was also a small media budget used to boost the post, enabling THT to target a key demographic with what effectively became an interactive Facebook ad.

All interactions were tracked (anonymously) via the Newsfeed App's backend dashboard.

The results

The results were impressive:

  • 13,000 people used the app. 
  • Nearly half of them (46%) completed the quiz, answering all 3 questions and viewing their personalised recommendations.
  • 31% of completers went on to order sample packs of free condoms. 
  • Engagement was high, with posts regularly receiving in excess of 100 likes.

Find out more about Newsfeed Apps

Newsfeed Apps have been used by brands like Samsung, Pepsi, Sandisk, Nestle and Penguin and are built bespoke for each campaign. 

Mud Kitchen have partnered with the team behind this new (patent pending) technology to help establish Newsfeed Apps in the UK.

Contact us to find out more and to talk about making your next Facebook campaign a more interactive experience.

You can also read our blog post for additional information and examples.

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